Update (derp)

I have some free time under my hands now, maybe I’ll put together something for ya’ll.

Just another thing: It’s not like I don’t care about the people who comment on my videos, but this new Google+ crap is just out of control.

TTT2 – Giant Mokujin Project =Trident=

Remember when combo videos wasn’t just 3-4 minutes long?

This video contains over 100 Mokujin combos, and it lasts over 17 minutes. The players are: STL, Ortega, and Guc.
Ortega oragnized the whole project, the idea behind the video was to make pair combos with the help of Mokujin. The 3 of us are planning more projects like this in the near future, I love working with these guys, they are walking combo factories :D

Sit back, and enjoy the show!

TZCP Trailer is Out!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I proudly present you the trailer for TZCP TTT2 edition. Due to my new work I didn’t have that much time I wanted to work on this trailer, but gladly I could do it.

There will be 1 more participant in this video, and that is Ortega from Japan. I started rendering and working on his clips a few week ago, and I completely forgot to include his name in this trailer. The final participants number is 23, not 22!

The full video will be directed by SuperOgreKiller, and will be out this September!