TZCP Trailer is Out!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I proudly present you the trailer for TZCP TTT2 edition. Due to my new work I didn’t have that much time I wanted to work on this trailer, but gladly I could do it.

There will be 1 more participant in this video, and that is Ortega from Japan. I started rendering and working on his clips a few week ago, and I completely forgot to include his name in this trailer. The final participants number is 23, not 22!

The full video will be directed by SuperOgreKiller, and will be out this September!

Tekken Revolution – Kunimitsu CMV + TZCP progress

Nothing ground breaking, just some ideas I came up with revolution Kunimitsu. I think she has the highest combo damage potential in this game, without the bound system she can deal massive damage. Just imagine putting points only on power…


I have some ideas for the trailer, but there are still lots of people who didn’t send in anything for the video. I will put together a list of names, and if there will be no repsonse from them, we have to make some sad decisions, and leave them out.
If you are one of those people, please send me your trailer combo asap on Youtube or on TekkenZaibatsu.