Fight Club – KYSG Edition

Something big happened yesterday (2019.05.30). I finally met one of my team members, You Maekawa (aka YOU / Deep Theater). His wife and him travelled to Hungary for a short vacation, and I was lucky enough to meet him in person.
He’s a really kind and humble person, we talked a lot after his arrival. In Hungary, there is a really awesome place for people who loves fighting games, it’s called “Fight Club”. We met here, had some drinks. After a while, some of the organisers came up with an idea: Let’s have a mini-tourney among the Tekken players!
The tourney was in pair-play mode, obviously I was paired up with YOU. This wasn’t as serious as some of the people thinks it, we had lots and lots of fun. We haven’t lost one single match, and landed on the 1st place.
Thanks to Sny (one of the Fight Club members), the macthes were recorded in HD quality, you can check them below:

Also, visit Fight Club’s official FB page here:

I hope someday I will meet YOU again in person, and publish a video together! :)
2013.05.30. FC KYSG Edition 002


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