TTT2 – Seasons Cycling

This video was HARD! Literally.

First of all, this was a long coming video. It supposed to be a 1 person CMV, but since Ortega has tonns and tonns of combos, I decided to expand this project, and work with this genius again.
On my side, all of the combos were really inconsistent, and hard to record. Further more, my recording device decided to NOT work properly, and for some unknown reasons, lots of my clips haven’t got any sound. After a 5 day struggle, finally all of my combos were ready for editing.
Ortega sent me his combos like before, but they were a bit older than the previous clips (in the Moku Kazuya cmv). Obviously, they didn’t work as well, my editing software froze out every 2 mintues. Sooooo after rendering out ALL of the combo clips 1 by 1 (took half a day), finally I started putting together everything.

Now about the concept:
I read more and more comments like this under recent combo videos:”The video was a bit too long” or “Way too long video”.
Keeping this in mind, I tried to make this 8 minutes as entertaining as possible, using 3 different tracks, and separate them in to 3 big pieces.
“Ninja” – “Wrestler” – “Eternal Massacre”
I think the names are obvious, but I will add some info about them:
Ninja – Used only the 3 main ninja characters
Wrestler – Used only wrestler characters (there are 2 fraud combos in this section)
Eternal Massacre – Now this is the part where Ortega shines. I chose this because the combos just keep coming and coming, like and endless massacre on the battlefields.

Well, once again, thank you for your attention, and keep an eye on my blog, more videos are yet to come.

And don’t forget to watch Ogre Killer’s new Multi CMV as well, he made a (once again) masterpiece.


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