TTT2 – Invincible – Multi Character Combo Video Act 3

It’s finally done! After 2 months of idea chasing and recording, yesterday Hoc and I finished our collab video. It began as a single project first, but during the procedure, Hoc decided to jump in, and help out with his awesome ideas.
It was a long run, we hope you will enjoy it as much as we did.

Hoc will put together the transcriptions in one PDF file, so if you’re interested in the inputs and positioning, keep an eye on my blog.


And a metacafe link for the German community:

And here’s a really awesome review from sithlord, he pointed out some great facts, it’s a must read!
Invincible review and Thoughts4chaos

After successfully hypothesizing who would be the mystery collaborator, I was left mouth agape after watching this video. A video over 2 months in the making. After a mouth-watering trailer, I am definitely ready for this.

With just shy of 3/4 of the total cast making an appearance and clocking in at almost 10 minutes, this monstrosity of a duo project leaves a sense of fulfillment and also keeps the desire for more at the same time. No easy feat if you ask me.

Before I delve into the good, the bad and the favorites, I’d like to take a step back for a moment… A walk down memory aisle if I may…

Guc and Hoc are in many ways, much like myself and Spinal Villain. Guc was a member here and before ever making a video, joined for the Tekken 5 Community Project Act.2. Spinal and I joined for the first Tekken 5 Community Project before ever producing our own works. Hoc seems to stay in the background and only occasionally bursting forth to do stuff, much like Spinal Villain whilst Guc and I stay in the front lines producing works.

It’s good these two finally got back together. Seems overdue.

~With many characters used and in new combinations, it keeps the video’s pace going.
~While most of the combos are tailored to walls in some form or fashion, the mix of characters, different combo bodies, shuffling divergent Tag combos, a myriad of TA moves….it feels fresh because there is A LOT of variety here.
~This video seldom keeps a formula going. By that, I mean, this video keeps on showing different ideas like: A low parry set-up combo. Ground throw combos. Tag crashes, wall jumps, BTed hit animation parry combo (!!!!!), re-wall splats…. AND SO ON.
~Cross-overs. Quite a few and all of them were refreshing.
~STYLE. Not every combo emphasized damage (something I focus on heavily, I admit) but rather focused more on the characters themselves, the symmetry of their TAG potential and the game’s wall system. Translation: The combos had a more ARTISTIC approach.
~No collisions. I don’t recall seeing a single one. This is not a good or bad thing per se, it’s just an observation. Although, I consider you two geniuses in the collision department. Use ’em cause you’re so good at them.
~More HOC!!! I’ve been acclimated to your previous works long enough to know that there wasn’t quite as much Hoc in this movie as I would’ve liked. Never-the-less, the ones he did (that I am certain of) were still a sight to behold.
~More Wang! Another biased observation on my part, but the old dude has enough power and entertaining combo potential to always merit adding in some more of him.
~No Zafina?? After uploading how many ridiculous 2,2,1+2 wall ideas…I was certain you guys would do something KYSGrazy with it. Oh well. I can always dream.

Favorites include:

Opening Yoshi combo. Reminds me of the stuff 538 and Deep Theater do. Very stylish and the perfect opening combo (well edited in with the music)!
1:35 Dashing u+1+2 = HOLY SHIT. Great starter!
2:54 AWESOME Kuni/Lars idea.
3:05 Original Jin. Great wall game.
5:28 UNBELIEVABLE!!! Great research.
6:25 AMAZING cross-overs!!
7:01 They make a great team because of combos like this.
7:13 Devilishly BEAST!
7:26 HARDCOAR WANG you got there guys!!
8:15 Good shit!
See above comment about Feng/Lei (see what I did there?)!!!


Well done gents. Impressive and inspirational.


2 thoughts on “TTT2 – Invincible – Multi Character Combo Video Act 3

  1. Nagyon Szép Munka! Gratulálok :)
    Én is gondolokodom hogy csinálok egy CMV-t a magam szintjén ami ilyen ütős tuti nem lesz :)
    Csak tetszikelni tudom :)

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