TTT2 – Asdf the Hero – Multi Char. CMV act.2 by KYSG

This was quite a long run, but it’s finally finished. After watching 2 fellow CMV artists video (Pajcsi and sithlord), I decided to finish my multi character video for good.
All combos includes a Yoshimitsu, at first I was planning to make a new video with him, but I’ve found some awesome stuff with other characters, so it became a multi video.

Hope you’ll all enjoy!

Happy New Year + a CMV!

Happy New Year to everyone! Time flies so fast, yet so slow…

It became a habbit, that sithlord opens every year with his awesome ideas, put together in a combo video, and 2013 was no exception. The video is cleverly titled as “Sloth” since all of the combos start from off-ground. Great project idea, and awesome combos!