Debute Combo Video from Team Kerberos

The newly formed “Kerberos” released their very first CMV a few days ago, including really creative and highlevel combos.
Players: SuperOgreKiller and sithlord

Some fun-notes for the video:
~Based off the deadliest of the seven deadly sins: PRIDE These combos are designed to reflect damage (among other things).
~It is possible more Sin-based CMVs will be released.
~The music, composed by fellow Kerberos player SuperOgerKiller, was inspired by Guilty Gear
~Wang’s Lightning Item attack hits 5 times, yet I got it to hit 6 in my combo. Seems 7 may be the max but it’s rare.
~Most combos were recorded in a 2-week period.
~Armor King’s Ki Charge hits 9 times but only reflects one total hit in terms of gravity.
~If you hit Wang out of the Lightning Item attack at the last frame, Lightning will pass through the opponent but do no damage.


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