Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Item Moves Combo Movie (pt.1)

In this short combo video, I included only the character exclusive item moves. Some of them are pretty funny, some of them are pretty solid ( like P.Jack’s u+1+4 ), but most of them are
“good-for-nothing”. I collected and wrote down all of the char. exclusive items, read the list below to find your desired character’s item. You can unlock EVERYTHING by playing
Ghost Battle- You can use whoever you want, just keep winning the highlighted matches.

All Character Exclusive Item Moves:

Ancient Ogre: Aztec Mask [[ df,df+1+3 ]]
Kunimitsu: Explosive Kunai [[ u+2+3 ]]
Forest Law: Chinese Medal [[ K.O opponent with df+1+2 ]]
P.Jack: Crane [[ u+1+4 ]]
Combot: Bike Wheel [[ U while tagging ]]
Alex: Wild Fin [[ u+1+4 ]]
Angel: Angel Sword [[ u+2+3 ]]
Michelle: Tomahawk [[ u+2+3]]
Roger Jr.: Cartoon Head [[ K.O opponent with Giant Swing ]]
Raven: Ninja Scroll [[ u+2+3 ]]
Bruce: Chick [[ d+1+2 ]]
Steve: Muay Thai Band [[ b+2+3 ]]
Paul: T-Shirt [[ b+1+4~tag ]]
Bob: Air Valve [[ u+1+4 ]]
Nina: Glocks [[ u+1+4,1+4,1+4 ]]
Wang: Wizard’s Hat [[ 1+2+3 ]]
Asuka: Mega Hammer [[ u+1+4 ]]
Kazuya: Hammerhead [[ K.O opponent with ff+1+2]]
Jun: Umbrella [[ U while tagging ]]
Heihachi: Legendary Hair [[ ff+1+2 ]]
Jin: Evil Eyes [[ K.O opponent with df+2+3 ]]
Devil Jin: Ram Horns [[ 1+2+3 ]]
King: Champion’s Belt [[ K.O opponent with fff+2+4, mid-air ]]
Marduk: Champion’s Belt [[ K.O opponent with 1+3 after tackle (ex: 3+4~1+2,1+3) ]]
Leo: Bomb [[ u+1+4 ]]
Hwoarang: Leather Pants & Blade Boots [[ K.O opponent with 2+4 ]]
Eddy: Afro [[ 2+3 ]]
Lee: Rose [[ u+2+3 ]]
Lei: Gourd Jug [[ 2+4 or 1+3 during Drunken Walk (f+3+4) ]]
Kuma: King’s Cloak [[ f+1+2~tag during Hunting Bear (3+4) ]]
Mokujin: Tree [[ 1+2+3+4 ]]
Yoshimitsu: Black Blade [[ u+2+3 ]]
Jack-6: Rocket Backpack [[ u+1+4]]
Bryan: Missile Pods [[ u+1+4 ]]
Marshall Law: Wok [[ u+1+4 ]]
Miguel: Tattoo [[ 2+3 ]]
Anna: Witch Mask [[ K.O opponent with df,df+1 ]]
Ling Xiaoyu: Banana Palm Fan [[ u+1+4 ]]
Lili: Teddy Bear [[ u+1+4 ]]
Lars: Sci-fi Blade [[ u+2+3 ]]
Ogre: Stone Blade [[ u+2+3 ]]
Jinpachi: Rope Sash [[ u+1+4 ]]
Alisa: Battle Helmet [[ u+1+2 ]]
Jaycee: Champion’s Belt [[ K.O opponent with df+1+2 ]]
Armor King [[ K.O opponent with Giant Swing, mid air ]]
Ganryu: Devil Ganryu [[ u+1+4 ]]
Zafina: Devilish Mask [[ b+1+4 ]]
Baek: Messy Hair [[ u+1+2 ]]
Christie: Bikini Top [[ 1+3+4 ]]
Dragunov: Grenade Launcher [[ u+1+4 ]]
Feng: Monkey King Head [[ U while tagging ]]
Panda: Punk Hat [[ f+1+2~tag during Hunting Bear (3+4) ]]

Tiger has no Item Move.

And here’s the video as promised, pt.2 coming soon:


17 thoughts on “Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Item Moves Combo Movie (pt.1)

      • Ya right !!! i gave a try to make some combos as in ttt2 everything is not published… cant explain how much time it took me to get something but then i stopped by saying let the Great Players do….we are good followers :)

  1. Hey Guc… I have been watching ur vids, its so cool… Can u make a vid with all the item moves? Please…

    • Hello!
      I was planning to make one, as soon as I finished my item moves video part.2, I will make one.

      • Nice! I bet part 2 will be better, always awesome… Keep it up! Im a lili user and i havent been playing for awhile… I dont have TTT2 yet, its so awesome… TEkken is epic! ^^

      • Thank you!

        It will be out today, and will be shorter in terms of combos.

  2. hey people i whant to ask how can i unlock dlc characters like ogre kunimistu michel unknown i mean i have some dlc other like slim bob and sebastian but there no all dlc characters

  3. and one more thing how can i unlock more costumez I know i have to play on ghoust battle but i have play many times and i get nothing

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