TTT2 – The Missing Element [Kuni / Yoshi Combo Video]

My very first project in TTT2. Luckily most of my ideas remained safe untill now.
The basic concept was to make a video including my two favorite characters, the beautiful Kunimitsu and handsome Yoshimitsu.
Kuni is really limited when it comes to combo matters, her fillers are really low in dmg, and can be really repetative after a while, but i tried my best to demonstrate her potentials.
In the other hand, Yoshimitsu became a monster in TTT2. He is strong, gained awesome property changes, making him a combo machine. His new moves are usefull, like his d+2,2,d+1 b! and his transition from ff+3.

About the video:
-Kunimitsu’s f+3~4 AT can cause fb!, but you must connect one or more hits after a launcher if you want to connect ws4 after a fb!.
-If Kunimitsu’s fire breath lands in a combo, the opponent won’t be able to tech roll.
-Kuni’s WS+2 ; f+2,3 starter can be blocked, but f+2,3 is an NC.
-Kuni can do a camera glitch with her AT after Yoshi’s ss+2 (or after other launchers with a property like Yoshi’s ss+2).
-During TA, if Yoshi spins out from his b+1,1… string, he still remains in TA, as you can see in the video)

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Neta -01-

I got my hands on TTT2 a few days ago, and right after it I started to test stuff out that was already written down. Only few of them turned out to be good, but there are still some ideas that are needed to be tested. After I’m done with my opening research, I will jump right on the combo topic, I don’t wanna name the characters, but I think it’s quite obvious.
About the game: The game is fun, the new moves and property changes make the game swift and smooth. There are LOT to explore, finally something refreshing.

Here’s my first neta, it mainly focuses on yoshi’s f+3+4 in TA state.