Tekken 6 – Glitch Combos + Low-Parry Glitch

The main concept of the first 3 combos was to land a combo on a character starting outside of a stage, leaving the opponent in a strange state after several combo hits. Even tho the opponent is BT, still it lands on the wall perfectly. This means in Tekken 6, the wall is “One-Sided”, meaning it only has a hitbox within the stage(es).

The low-parry glitch with hwoarang can be done only after a K.O, and only on regular stages, without any FB! or WB!.

Special thanks to Metadata, for being awesome.

Tekken 6 – Sample Combos for Raven

I had some ideas written down from a long time ago + I’ve found some ideas recently with Raven. Here’s a quick rundown for the combos:

1st Combo – A fully improvised combo, I was messing with Raven’s 4~3,3 , I never thought a ff+4 will connect after it. The rest of the combo is (like I mentioned) improvised.
2nd Combo – In 4~3,3 the last 3 has some strange move properties, even during a wall hit it will kick the opponent down from the wall. After b!, the ff+3 will hit the opponent backwards, making Raven capable of doing BT moves.
3rd Combo – A quick demonstration of Raven’s ff+4 on BT Panda / Kuma.
4th Combo – After [BT]3+4 on a BT opponent, I thought a qcf+4 will leave Raven in front of Marduk, but I was wrong. The jab after qcf+4 is from BT position.
5th Combo – After Raven’s u+3~BT, the [BT]1,4 counts as a combo, but [BT]1,4 guaranteed only in CH, this is why I needed a double suicide from Yoshimitsu.
6th Combo – Same stroy here.
7th Combo – [BT]2 ; [BT]1 is a combo. From the opponents side, [BT]2 ; [BT]1,4 ; ff+4 is a fully legit combo.
8th Combo – After CH d/f+3 (w!), u+3,4 has great combo property on bigs (Especially on Marduk / Bears / Jack). After the 2nd kick (4), the recovery is really quick, so you can add extra jabs.
Extra combo – Collision with Kuma’s bb+2+3 and Julia’s d+4. FB! moves, such as 1+2 / b+1 work also, but here I was going after a WB! move, that’s why I did d+1+2. Showcase combo.