Ending of the Golden Ages

Tekken was always a huge part of my life. Tekken wasn’t just a game for me, it gave me the enjoyment of always exploring the new, and showing off skills and combos no one has ever done.
..but like everything in life, this came to an end also.

My few cents about the current situation:
The upcoming Tekken (Tekken Tagh Tournament 2) just can’t get my attention. The system is old, the “Tag” system won’t make justice at all. To tell you the truth, I’m not even sure I will buy the game.
The new options are really low, the physic changes made the game so easy to handle. Launcher >> Filler >> tag b! >> Ender. Wall-to-wall combos, collision combos, everything is just the same. Some awesome people in the Golden Ages of combo videos found EVERYTHING for the upcoming generation, feeding their combo potentials like mad men.
Now, these awesome ages are gone, leaving behind every joy and happynes that fueld true combo artists. Now you may ask:”What makes someone a Combo Artist instead of a Combo Maker?”
The answer is simple, yet hard to understand for those who think making videos are a competition. We did all these for joy, and for our enjoyment. We wanted to show awesome things in a game we loved and adored, we put passion in it, like it was something breathing. A combo maker is just someone who makes combos, puts them together, and waits for instant fame. They have no originality, no personality, they are just machines who seek fame and views for their so called “work”.
2012, the combo era is totally rotten, fueled with people with ego so high, they can’t really see they became clowns of the whole new CMV generations.
I won’t be a part of this anymore, and I’m not the only one with this. I won’t be a part of something that fights for fame and dominance, this is not about fun anymore.

So now I will make my statement: I’m leaving this whole combo making misery behind. The Golden Ages were really short, but it was memorable, and awesome.
I wan’t to say thank you for everyone who supported me during all these years, you are the best, and please, try to make a better place for the upcoming generation…..because we couldn’t. For me, this is a really sad moment, yet it will be a huge relief. I’m not saying I will completely stop making videos, but for the future, I won’t be an active Combo Video Artist anymore. I achived things that I could NEVER imagined, I made a lots and lots of good buddies, and a few really close friends. I got into KYSG, I think that says it all.

For some of the people (…) out there: Grow up, and try to put your ego behind.

See you, my good friends, and keep up being awesome.

This was written by Sithlord:

I’ve decided to step out of the CMV arena for some time as well. E-worship and internet fame has never been my intention. TBH, the terms make me wanna LULZ!


My kid is getting older and is starting school very soon. My busy season at work starts when TTT2 is released, so even if I wanted to do something for the game, it’d be 3-4 months before I could have the time to do it properly…..sure, I could do a “2-day” combo video, but that it isn’t my style.
Unfortunately, the CMV arena has turned into a nasty place to be. Honestly is replaced with jockularity. Research is replaced with rushing. Reviews are replaced with silence.
This isn’t the CMV arena I stepped into years ago.
I remember being able to say good and bad things without reprisal. Mistakes like not using tech-roll, or blockable combos were rarely tolerated.
If it took you less than 2 days to make a video, it wasn’t released.
People made individual threads in here per video cause they wanted people’s opinions. Now, people make “appreciation” threads and the recipients expect E-worship. How sad is that?
People continually swoop in long enough to drop a CMV then swoop out. Leave no feedback on others, but expect feedback (positive of course) on theirs. Why??
People care about their “likes” and “dislikes”…..lulz…..yeah, that’s awesome.

I ask…

Where is the direction? Where is the progression? Where is the originality? Where is the risk? The Comedy? The Wit? The Wisdom? Where is the drive to inspire? Where is the unity? Where is the brotherhood? WHERE IS THE ART??

I think back to those who inspired me. Compelled me to release my own art. I sometimes wonder how they dreamed their art up. How they got it to work. I wonder where guys like Tobi, or Akira got their inspiration from? Where Velone dreamed up his conceptual combo film. How long it took 538 to do them even with a programmable stick.

I think of all the highlights and achievements. The friends made and the friends gone (RIP). The people who let me pick their brains.

I tried to lead by example. To give artists a voice in a scene plagued with elitism.

I digress…

It seems CMVs are streamlined now. Practically belt fed through the recording assembly line. Instead of slowly simmering, so all the flavor can be brought to the viewer’s eyes, ears and minds.

It seems so much of the musical aspect has been lost on my viewers. Unfortunate indeed. Only one piece of the artistic puzzle I bring to the table. Music has always been a big factor to me. Seems so many don’t truly appreciate the grand scope my videos present. You may be asking yourself what I am talking about.

I’m talking about widening your gaze and look at the big picture. A big picture I painted through Combo Art. One video is just one piece of the puzzle. Each game a puzzle. Each video a piece.

Strange that no one, save a very few, may figure it out. Spinal and I left bread crumbs…but over the course of our work, we didn’t want those who picked up the bread crumbs to simply stand there and wait for the next artist to walk by and drop some more.

So, it’s time for me to move on. I’ll still be around, modding, watching, and maybe even waiting…

I may do another project someday…or I may not.

I really don’t know if it’s tragic irony, poetic justice, cosmic comedy or what…

…but as I typed this, my two notebooks full of stuff for TTT2 are sitting here…….staring at me. Multiple infinites, surprising characteristics, a super-SITH combo, and so many possibilities…

but I’ve said too much and spoken too little.

Heavy heart & heavy handed…



20 thoughts on “Ending of the Golden Ages

    • Thank you, I know who you are. I won’t stop making videos, I just won’t be active anymore… maybe one day I will release a video in TTT2, who knows.

  1. Guc,
    This is a sad day indeed. Hopefully your spark will come back and you will shine more bright than ever. God speed, my friend!


  2. will you be playing offline and well you just make videos of you playing offline casuals. I mean if your not doing CMV as much or anymore then it would be cool to see how you play in an actually match. btw im on TZ but you probably never seen or heard of me

    • The online pair-play will allow me to play with my friends, so maybe yes, I will upload some casuals and good matches in TTT2.
      If you wanna find us on TZ, go to the Media Studios section, we are there along with more awesome people

  3. Hey Guc,
    Maybe you remember me, I used to do combo videos in what you consider the “Golden ages”… 2005-2011. I just stumbled upon your Announcement video on YouTube and I have to say I understand your decision, as well as sith, for not wanting to participate in the combo making scene any longer. TTT2 is an unimpressive game for me as well. I will definitely not be buying it, decided that a long time ago.
    I don’t know how the combo community is at this time, I haven’t even read TZ since last December or so. But based on what you wrote, it is not so different from what I experienced in the last few months before I left. It is sad, really.
    I still have a few unreleased Lee combos on my PC… but I don’t really care about them. I play different games now, they are a lot of fun as well.

    To my teammates and all my friends from those Golden ages of combo making – I just wanted to say – I’m sorry for leaving without a word. I thought at the time that it will only be a short break from Tekken, for a month or two, but then somewhat later I realized I just don’t like where Tekken and the combo making community is going.

    Anyway, that’s basically what I wanted to say… I think. I hope you all are well and and having fun playing Tekken… or doing something else.

    • I remember you sure, you were making combo videos too : )
      You can release a cmv anytime, I would gladly watch your video. I’m happy you’re still around.

  4. Yeah, really not sure about the new Tag Tourno, its soooo easy to do juggles and combos now. In fact I watched an 8 year old child perform a juggle (un-intentionaly of course) which lasted for a whole 5 secounds, so I completly agree Tekken is getting extremely EASY.

  5. imo i wouldn’t care what other people think or do. I would keep doing my thing for my own fun and enjoyment. Since i’m not in the combo video scene i don’t really understand what you mean when you say things have changed and making videos are a competition. i just don’t get it. i always thought it was something combo video makers/artist did for themselves for the fun of it like you said. Can I get an example of making videos as being an competition because in my eyes cmv’s are videos showing what people have found in the game. Now in TTT2 properties have been changed so new ideas could be found maybe not many but enough imo. Just do your thing man and whatever you do is fine. just hope you can keep make more video actively

    • I am a combos artist 2, and I know I’m late but it suck to see you stop doing combos.. they were really nice :)

  6. Hey Guc

    Sad to hear about this, you’ve contributed a great deal to the combo community, but I can understand your decision. Unfortunately with pretty much any game, “fun” slowly turns into friendly competition (which is also fun), which then turns into an ego circlejerk which is only fun for the inner circle. I feel like there are friend circles within the combo community who only stay within their circle. Me, personally am not in any of those circles. Infact the ONLY person I have ever talked to more than one conversation outside of a youtube comment is TMD, but I very rarely talk to him about Tekken (we’re both big fans of Youtube Poops as you might already know)

    I have a feeling this goes for you aswell, but I make combo videos for me, and me only. I really don’t care if nobody likes it. I find the enjoyment out of creating a video and editing it to how I want it. Other people seem to care about how many views, likes and dislikes they get. Particularly with the nina b1+2 collision that I found I seemed to hurt some people. I wasn’t pointing it at anyone, I am a troll in real life as well as online, but never mean any harm. While I am sorry that I may have offended people I wouldn’t have done it any differently. It was just my (comedic and harmless in my eyes) way of showing that there’s less frame recovery for b1+2 than a taunt.

    Anyway, regarding TTT2 I’ve never really liked the game. From the day I first played it I didn’t feel like it was a new game, it’s literally T6 with 2 characters. Even the new characters aren’t “new”, the combo/physics system is still extremely similar to T6. That being said I’ll still buy it and if I get around to it, make a video or two, but I won’t try to “please” anyone.

    I’d love to add you to Facebook if you don’t mind. facebook.com/zarzob :)


    • Thank you for your long comment. I agree with you, I also lile the friendly competition part, but something went pretty wrong now days. I still have ideas I will put in various videos, but I’m not intend to release CMVs in the same habit like before.

      (My name is Richárd Bojás, feel free to add me)

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