Tekken 6 – Stacking Rage in Practice Mode

Yes, you can actually stack rage mode while playing in practice mode. It isn’t that simple, but I will try my best to explain it.
First, pick a character you desire, and pick Law as an opponent. When practice mode starts, press start, and set your dummy to “controller”.
After you’re done, press start, and do the following:
Press and hold down d/b with your character, and start doing Law’s 10 string (d/f+1,3,2,2,3,3,3). Keep doing it until you reach rage mode. While Law’s doing his 10 strings, there are some things you must be aware of:
Law must NOT press and hold any buttons while stacking rage. You can dash(ff), side step, but if you hold down any of the direction buttons, your character’s life bar will reset.
Next: What CAN you do after rage is triggered? Now you are chrouching, holding d/b. How can you move from here without reseting the life bar? If you immediately start Side Stepping, you will remain in rage mode.If you stop your SS, you can add quickly ANY moves you want (Watch video for examples).

Howhever, you can stack rage with this method even if you repleace D/B with F // B // D/F. So rather than pressing D/B, press and hold(for example) F, it will work all fine, just don’t let it go.

When do your life bar resets?
-After you exectued a move (for example, Paul’s qcf+2).
-After you finished a string. This is the part where it starts to get exciting. As you can see in my video, with Lee, after a launcher, I end up in Hitman Stance. With some of the characters, entering a stance after a string won’t stop the glitch, and you will remain in rage mode. From this point, it’s really up to your imagination what combos can you do within one string (watch video for more examples)
-You can actually cancel some steps without ending rage mode. In the video, I do Lars’ “f+3”, and cancel it with “u”. If you press any of his moves quickly, the glitch will remain. With all of the characters, while Side Walking, you can cancel it with any of the moves any time.

This is all, I tested almost all of the characters with stances and strings, but I end up using mainly Lee and Law.
The glitch doesn’t effect anything when it comes to versus mode, so it’s really only for fun.

If you have any questions, leave a comment!


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