Street Fighter X Tekken – Mega Man & Pac-Man Combo Video

It was pretty fun to come up combos with them. I’m pretty sure they have more potential, but for now, here’s a short combo video:

-Mega Man’s qcf+K to a P is a 1 frame link (I gues, haven’t checked it, but felt that way)
-Pac-Man’s hcf+k [hold] to Jump HP can be only done starting from a corner (01:36)
-Combo at 00:26 and 01:25 need a trade hit in order to land the combos.

About Mega Man: Really slow, has few moves, and hard to combo with. Not a rewarding character.
About Pac-Man: Too big, slow in movement, but capable of landing pretty long combos…sadly without any major damage.


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