Street Fighter X Tekken – Hugo is Awesome

These combos were performed without looking any of the current combo videos of the game. The Pandora enders are only for showcase (You get full cross gague only AFTER you activated pandora, not while activating it)

-The Ogre combo starts at 01:49 needs a delayed [EX] Blazing Kick in order to hit CD+LK.
-The combo after HP+HK needs a trade hit to let Hugo continue with his Jump In d+HK
-In the Steve combo, starting at 02:20, the f+MP,LP can be canceled by holding b (getting Steve into flicker stance), and quickly cancel it with a d/b+LP….string.
-The last Hugo combo, starting with a HP needs a trade hit with Kazuya in order to land the rest of the combo.


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