Tekken 6 BR – Alliances

Hoc had some combo ideas, so we decided to make a CMV. After a while, I asked sithlord to join, and he joined. After that Ogre Killer joined…..and metadata too.
So yeah, I’m really happy now, because I could put together and old school CMV. There was no deadline, everyone gave in everything he wanted, whenever he wanted.
Putting together the different file types and aspect ratios were a huge pain in the @ss but it worth the effort.

I want to say thank you for everyone who participated, and helped during this project! You’re awesome.


4 thoughts on “Tekken 6 BR – Alliances

  1. hello guc i am from pakistan iam a big player in tekken tag and i wan’t to talk with you but i don’t know how i have some question from will you plz answer me and i want to chellenge everyone who is top in tekken tag no one can beat me in pakistan trust me…………

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