Mokujin Mayhem – Part 1

…so I met this guy called “Terry_Chu” while playing T6 Online. I was stunned, because I never thought I would ever meet someone online, who plays Mokujin on this level.
After having a conversation with him, I realised his knowledge in Tekken is really deep. Good to know that there are normal people out there in the huge mess of T6O.
Also….his girlfriend plays on a hardcore level too. Great couple, I must say : )

Music tracks in order:
Author – Deadmau5
1 – Some Chords
2 – Sofi Needs A Ladder
3 – A City In Florida


2 thoughts on “Mokujin Mayhem – Part 1

  1. Really great matches – I want to see part 2 already! On another note I like this blog and the way you document glitches and the more random side to Tekken, keep up the good work

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