Tekken 6 – Active *Rage* in Practice Mode

I was messing around with Law today, when I found this odd glitch. If you set your dummy to “crouch block”,and keep repeating Law’s d/f+1,3,2,2 , the opponents health meter won’t reset as long as he/she/it stays in crouch block. With this method, your first Crouch / WS string will be in rage mode, if you drain your life till rage. For example:

Something’s Coming…

Yes, something big’s on its way… Some combo artists came together, and shared some ideas. As a result, maybe there will be a short little combo video released in the near future. Keep an eye on the blog!

In the meantime, watch this masterpiece created by sithlord. Like in Tekken, his combos is Soul Calibur V are just way beyond anything.

Mokujin Mayhem – Part 1

…so I met this guy called “Terry_Chu” while playing T6 Online. I was stunned, because I never thought I would ever meet someone online, who plays Mokujin on this level.
After having a conversation with him, I realised his knowledge in Tekken is really deep. Good to know that there are normal people out there in the huge mess of T6O.
Also….his girlfriend plays on a hardcore level too. Great couple, I must say : )

Music tracks in order:
Author – Deadmau5
1 – Some Chords
2 – Sofi Needs A Ladder
3 – A City In Florida