Combo Video Review – 2nd place.

Finally I’m having some time for this…

My 2nd review is from a person, who’s not just a creative and great CMV artist: He’s an artist in ALL meanings. I’m in that lucky position, that I have the contact with most of my Tekken idols, thanks to a great site called: TekkenZaibatsu. When I first worked with him, (to tell you the truth), I’ve never expected that we’re really alike. Not just in combos. In taste of music, the hunger for “new”, the creativity that keep following us.
Sad fact: most of the people just can’t see the depth of these thoughts. Everyone can make a video from a videogame. Intro ~ actual video ~ Outro. Pattern… Having the balls for making new. -> This is what we need today. And for me, this great guy delivers it in a professional way.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Tekken 6 Combo Movie – Jin Kazama Rebirth
from Ogre Killer

For us, Tekken isn’t just a game. Tekken is a huge part of our life. And no one should be ashamed because of this. Be proud of it.

This video means a lot to me. When I’m watching this video, I can see more than just cerative combos. I see a guy sitting in front of his TV, and sweating blood recording his ideas he came up with. I can see in his head, see the thinking behind every f*cking wall ender and unique launcher. It’s like a 4 and a half minutes of my own thoughts.
You can call me sick, or a Tekken whore or whatsoever, I won’t care. If you want to succeed in this world, you have to stand out for your own ideas, concepts and combos. Like Ogre Killer does.
The music fits too well. You know why…? Because he made it by himself. This is why this video is perfect in all meanings. This material is 100% Ogre Killer. Can you do this? I think not…

Deeper review:

Intro – (00:00 – 00:24) – We get an avatar picture made in a game called “Oblivion”. It’s a portrait of himself. Creative and clever thinking, you won’t see something like this in another Jin video. You will see Jin cutscenes from Hybrid or whatsoever…haha.
The music shoots away, you have that melancholic feeling of a “rebirth”. Never had one, but if I would imagine it, it would be something like this.

00:25: A non-bound combo. Seeing follow ups after 2 EWHFs are always interesting.

00:30: [CH] db+2,2,3 from a fair distance on to a breakable wall, followed up with 1,2,3 on wall. Not easy, since the dummy was a female, getting this ender needs perfect angle.

00:35: [CH] WR tackle to b+2,2 x2. He managed to get EWHF ~ 1,2,3 on wall on that almost Mid-Wallsplat is just unfair.

00:43: Getting actuall combo hits in the cost of whiffing some moves = pro.

00:49: ff+3 ~WS+2 , jab. Great idea. 3,1 ~ EWHF is a hard combo to execute after b!.

00:55: WS+2 fetish detected. Getting WS+2 , db+2,(2),3 as a post b! I would never think out myself.

01:02: Getting the 1,3~3 b! after 2x b+3 + 1 jab is hard. Also, b,f+2,3 as a wall carry move was creative.

01:10: 1,2,3 b! after several hits can get inconsistent. Needs a deep dash before it, like in this combo.

01:17: Clean b,f+2,1,2 after that ammount of hits need special angle. If you look closely, you may see it.

01:23: Move whiffing again for more hits after b!. b+3 , b+2,1 , ff+2 is a creative ender to land.

01:30: w! (1),2,3 b!. With this, b,f+2,1,2 will be possible on regulars.

01:37: At this part, the squeeke guitar hits in. Just love it! Yet again, well angled combo, 1,3~3 after that many hits is impressive.

01:47: HARDCOAR (c) execution. ’nuff said.

01:53: Getting 2x 3,1 after b!…? Tried it a few times, never land it…

01:59: Delayed last hit for perfection.

02:05: Serisously, someone should really explain me this. How on earth can you first b! then fb! at the very same point of a stage? You need to land your fb! move after b! in a right angle, to get your character on the fb! point? The ender, EWHF to db+4 (70%) is manly.

02:14: Is this even possible on females after a [CH] f+4 with a regual WHF ?

02:22: Dmg raping after a [CH] EWHF. Deep dash for 1,2,3 b! is needed here.

02:28: This was the first time I saw 2 ; db+2(70%),2,3(70%) as a wall ender. Never thought that would land. Possibly the best wall ender for Jin IMO.

02:37: Whiff whiff whiff whiff… so much awesomeness.

02:43: This is the first combo in this video where you see one of OK’s specialities: Getting a twisted combo from a perfect angle. Getting behind of the training dummy from a front starter needs lots of effort to come up with. Wall-to-wall combo detected.

02:52: This is the part where it begins to get serious. b+3 ; 3,1 ; 1,3~3 b! etc etc… Hard as hell.

02:59: Jin’s (1),2 has a better hitbox than a simple jab. As far as I know, you can’t connect a simple jab after [CH] EWHF, but a 2 will connect. T6 hitboxes are so awesome…

03:04: Stylish combo with a wb!. For me, getting an EWHF after a cd+1 is hard to land.

03:13: [CH] db+4 to df+4 b! is great! Also, 1 to a dash 3,1 is hard to land, since it can easily end up as a WR+3.

03:19: b+1~4 as a combo starter must be a great challenge. I tried to get combos after it too, but only could come up with a few more hits.

03:29: Possibly the most stylish combo after a [CH] EWHF, packed with damaging moves till the very end.

03:34: My favorite combo in this video. EWHF ; 3,1 is one of the hardest thing you can pull out in a combo with Jin. (<–You may insert a sh*tty sexual joke here, it's up to you, my dear reader). Also, you can clearly see the SS before landing db+2,2,3. Pure gold.

03:41: Notice the first hit on 1,2,3 b! knocks the opponent a bit further on the wall. Well executed wall rape.

03:48: Yes, this combo is another example for Jin’s 2. It has a great hitbox, you can connect it even after a b!. There are several more characters who can do this.

03:59: Another hardcore combo. The execution must be perfect at this one.Also, notice the dmg…insane. This combo includes every combo potential that Jin has.

04:05: that 70% b+2,1 wall ender…. Not fair! : ) Even after the b+2 landed as a 70%, it still picks up the opponent for more wall rape. Excellent finale for perfect move like this.

I think I wrote down everything I wanted. I hope you will read this OK, and will make CMVs in the future as passionately as you’re doing it now. Keep in mind, you have an all time fan here waiting for your videos.

Ogre Killer’s YouTube Channel: OGRE KILLER

His music: Music from Ogre Killer


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