Combo Video Review – 3rd place.

Like I said a while ago, I will review my top 3 favorite combo videos from Tekken 6. There are many good CMVs out there, but there’re 3 certain videos, that kept giving me inspiration while I was doing my CMVs.

…but before I launch off my review, let’s take an over-view about how I see CMVs.
For me, there are 3 requirements for a good video:
1: Creativity (most important).
2: Effort of showing new things.
3: Editing and music.
Combining these with an artist’s(not CMV maker, CMV ARTIST) own perspective and thinking will bring the final product to it’s true form. For me, the controller type is not necessary. If an artist uses a Prog Stick, as long as he states that out, it’s good and all. I use a prog. stick aswell for experimenting, what can connect after each move and what can’t. If I found something that can be executed by hand, I always use my rusty old Ps3 Dualshock for it. Comes from this, for me, execution doesn’t play a primary roll while judging a combo. On higher levels, like in the well known combo artist groups, I think the hardest part is to come up with something different, something new. After that, it’s only a matter of time when can they pull that idea out.
Music and Editing:
Important. It can give depth and perspective to a video, and you may get some information from your favorite artists taste, and thinking. The actual video quality (HD or SD) is not important for me, as long the presentation can be seen. For example: The well-known Golden Eggs uses his camera to record, yet the clean editing and light music makes them great and watchable. Don’t have to mention, the combos quality are way beyond anything.
Showing new ideas, bringing more:
There are many many good arguments about this topic. Finding something on your own, accident or not, it’s a great thing to “own” an idea. But don’t forget, as soon you upload that on YouTube, or where ever, it belongs to everyone. I’ve seen many many ideas rooting out from my Alisa glitches and others, and I must say: It’s the best feeling ever. Inspiring other artists with my finds is the greatest appreciation I can get. Didn’t get “credit” for it? Don’t care, as long as I know the truth, the better I will feel from it.

That’s all in a nutshell. No let’s get to the main part!

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Do not awake sleeping Beauty!!!
from Velone (Vel0ne)

One word: Amazing.
The editing, the music, and the combos just fits to well.
Velone, known from the Russian combo artist group E-Ninjas brought that something “different” in this video. The original ideas and concepts show how creative this guy is. From the beginning to the end, it’s a great piece of art.
Deeper review:
Intro – (00:00 – 01:03) – Lars and Jin wake up the “sleeping beauty”. She wakes up, and with some great editing skills with the in-game cutscenes, she got loose.
Combos –
01:03: The combo starts off as with a side launcher, pretty clever idea to hit [BT] d+1 more accurate. After the floor-break, Alisa got into [BT], but still managed to turn around for a 3,2 wall ender.

01:15: Creative way to give in Alisa’s [C.SAW]f+3+4~2 3 times in one combo. WS+2 to f+3+4~2 was clever.

01:29: 3x ff+1+2 in one combo. Velone does like numbers, that’s for sure : )

01:37: WS+2 after f+3+4~4 was really original. Well positioned uf+1+2 right before the b+4,3 fb!

01:50: Punishing Alisa’s f+3+4~3 with ub+3+4 was a great way to hit in this move from the front.

02:13: Even today I’m not sure how did Velone do this editing trick there. Huge ammount of [BT] rape on pure Jack, great discovery there with the guarantee clean hits.

02:27: After hitting Marduk on the side, FC df+1+2 was a great thought to pick up him without any wall. Also: 9 hit / 101 dmg?? Insane.

02:35-37: Chainsaw-cut transition effect between 2 combos… : )

02:38: Funny moment on the suddenly popping up Practice Mode option. *Turns ON Tech-roll*

02:49: Another great pick-up after a non-launcher move.

02:57: b+3+4,3+4 massacre. These kind of combos are my favorite.

03:07: The last head-dropping hit is actually a combo count glitch. It happens all the time during combo hits after a b+1.

03:21: Cruel Panda ate Alisa’s birdie. Notice the snow around both of the characters. : )

03:28: Creative collision idea. Massive ammount of dmg, and well executed fillers.

03:38: [CH]WR Tackle followed by combo hits are always hard to find. In this case, I think Velone found the best solution. For even more, he executed 2 combos in a row, which make this clip my favorite.

03:57: The Bear had enough of all of the animal abuse, and went “raging”. Great collision idea again, followed with replay cutscenes. Feels like it meant to be there.

Overall, this video is all about effort, and unique combos, with unique editing. When ever I watch this video, I always feel I must make a CMV right now. Velone always does quality work, you just can’t say any bad things about them. Unless you don’t know anything about the game. He’s the perfect example of the “more quality, less quantity”, and this works just fine.

You can find his YouTube channel here: Velone


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