Tekken 6 BR – Random vol.5 (Segments of Randomness)

Probably the longest video of my Random series. Includes 3 segments:
1 – Combos
2 – Glitch Combos
3 – Setups and fun.

The Bryan taunt to ff+2 was a Prog. Stick combo. Originally the Heihachi combo, ewgf otgf ewgf was tested with a prog. stick, but it can be done by hand, as you can see in the video. The key is, you have to land your ewgf from the furthest point so the ewgf lands at the very end of its frames. If you take a closer look, almost all of the combos were performed like this (Segment 1).

Perfect Input – “Old Dog, New Tricks!” Feat. Velone

I don’t often put others material on my Blog, but I think this deserves it.
A really nice combo video put together by the newly reformed P.I, with a guest artist, the very famous Vel0ne.

As you may all noticed: Tekken 6 is moving to it’s very end…slowly, but in a certain speed. I’m not planning any more videos, I have a few more ideas with several characters, such as Yoshimitsu, Marduk, Heihachi and Lars but they will all end up in my next Random video (Random vol.5, never thought it will go on so smoothly like this).
Also, I will make my very first review on my Blog, about my absolute top 3 CMVs in Tekken 6. If you’re interested, follow my blog, or just keep an eye on it.

For one person, this top 3 won’t be a big surprise.

Minor Changes


From now on, some of my videos will be shown at Machinima’s official Youtube channel. This won’t change anything at all, I will post every single video here like always. My Random series, and shorter videos will be posted on my channel, the combo videos and bigger projects will be posted on Machinima’s channel. It was a hard decision, but I will give it a try.

Also, I changed the header of the blog, hope you all like it.

New project on it’s way, thanks to Hoc.