Who is Asdf??

I’ve recieved many questions about Asdf, so I think the time had come to introduce him.

Asdf’s first drawn image was something like this:

I was 13 years old when I came up with Asdf, he was the main hero in of my comics. He was a simple looking character on the outside, but more complex on the inside. Back then, he didn’t have a name.
Years passed, and Asdf became my main little character. At the age of 17, I reimagined him, and he almost gained his final form:

Asdf’s unique trademark, that he’s always “amazed”. In my story of him, he’s facing real problems in a relal world, and time to time he must realize that life isn’t as easy as he ever thought. […]

At the age of 18, Asdf reached his final form:

Over the years, Asdf went trough so many trouble and bad events, he has wrinkles above his eyes, representing the shocking reality of life’s bad things.
At the same year, I wanted to give him a name. I couldn’t come up with anything. I looked on my keyboard. and saw these letters next to each other:

Since he’s a simple looking character I thought “why not…”, so he became Asdf.
He has a really deep personality, and a twisted look towards the world we live in.

So he’s my little friend since 1998, he inspired so many comics and drawings I can’t even tell, and ofc he’s my fortune bringer.

I hope you got all of the info from Asdf that you wanted!

Take care.