Words From A Legend

When I first started making videos (it was really long ago), There were only 2 guys around, who inspired me enough to choose the path of making combos. MASHTER & BOSKON

At first, I was trying to pull out the combos they dreamd out, but it was hard….really hard. Years passed, I’ve released my very first video, and published on it YouTube. At that time, like all of the “new comers”, I always dreamed about being discovered by my idols.
The second T6CP was on its way,when I realized that I my combos will be shown next to Mashter & Boskon’s combos. I just couldn’t belive it.
Yet again, time passed by, and another mirracle happened: I joined project KYSG. I still can’t belive they took me in, and accept me as a member. I just don’t deserve something like this. (…but I’m really trying my best)

And today, my “perfect circle” took a form.
Words from Mashter about my current work:
Something did hit me today and I did decide to check TZ and movies thread if you guys still make Tekken combo movies and I can’t believe that the same ppl still make it…

…and this is actually a great work.

And come on, joing the KYSG? I will say it again, COME ON
The only thing that is not fit to this promotion is the fact that you are not using the programmable stick (just trolling)
Keep up the good work, because of you I am able to remember that I was a part of this little tekken freak passion.


Just….thank you everyone.


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