No More Patapon Videos

I’m a bit upset now.

Got my hands on Patapon 3 2 days ago. I played about 20 hours with it, and I really had enough. This is NOT Patapon anymore. The whole new menu system is bullsh*t, this “super awesome” hero thing is bs too. You can’t build normal squads, like in 1 or 2, the envolving system sucks balls, this new lvl system is a joke.

No more cute patapons, more like “rough” patapons, the music would be okay with this Rock sounding, but the rest is just hilarious. The enemyes don’t belong to this game, you can NOT interrupt your commands with any of the buttons. What does this mean:
If you press the attack command, and suddenly your enemy starts to attack, you can’t interrupt your song, just watch your patapons die…

No more minigames…nuff said.

I’m pissed.


3 thoughts on “No More Patapon Videos

  1. So sad, you can even get bosses to lvl 100
    BTW if Patapon is now the game you are annoyed, then I’m annoyed in my Tekken it automatically mutes.

    Sorry for my bad english, I’m a Filipino

  2. I’m with you on that one the level system is garbage and one mission with the repeating rooms annoyed me so much

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