Words From A Legend

When I first started making videos (it was really long ago), There were only 2 guys around, who inspired me enough to choose the path of making combos. MASHTER & BOSKON

At first, I was trying to pull out the combos they dreamd out, but it was hard….really hard. Years passed, I’ve released my very first video, and published on it YouTube. At that time, like all of the “new comers”, I always dreamed about being discovered by my idols.
The second T6CP was on its way,when I realized that I my combos will be shown next to Mashter & Boskon’s combos. I just couldn’t belive it.
Yet again, time passed by, and another mirracle happened: I joined project KYSG. I still can’t belive they took me in, and accept me as a member. I just don’t deserve something like this. (…but I’m really trying my best)

And today, my “perfect circle” took a form.
Words from Mashter about my current work:
Something did hit me today and I did decide to check TZ and movies thread if you guys still make Tekken combo movies and I can’t believe that the same ppl still make it…

…and this is actually a great work.

And come on, joing the KYSG? I will say it again, COME ON
The only thing that is not fit to this promotion is the fact that you are not using the programmable stick (just trolling)
Keep up the good work, because of you I am able to remember that I was a part of this little tekken freak passion.


Just….thank you everyone.

Tekken 6 BR – Random Command Stick Combos

I’ve recieved my Hori Command Stick from Japan, straight from YOU (KYSG) a month ago. Since then, I’m trying to fully understand it. I discovered some stuff on my own already, and it’s really harder than it looks. Programming combos = frame data, effort, time, and lots of creativity. It’s not like I press a button, and it will do the magic for me.
In the future, mainly I will use this for research, and finding possibilities. I’m not planning for using it all the time, and if I do so, I will let you all know : )

Huuuuge thanks goes to YOU (Deep Theater), for sending this CT for me. I didn’t even ask for it, he just sent one for free. I owe him a LOT! And I feel honored.

Tekken 6 BR – Marduk Ground-Throw (Reset) Justframe

It’s been a while since YOU and I found this glitch, but I decieded to put this up today.
There is only one condition that is required to pull out this JF:
You must GT your opponent just as I did in this short clip. It won’t work it you grab your opp’s leg or head (from the front).
Try to execute to GT at the same time as your opponent hits thr ground.

No More Patapon Videos

I’m a bit upset now.

Got my hands on Patapon 3 2 days ago. I played about 20 hours with it, and I really had enough. This is NOT Patapon anymore. The whole new menu system is bullsh*t, this “super awesome” hero thing is bs too. You can’t build normal squads, like in 1 or 2, the envolving system sucks balls, this new lvl system is a joke.

No more cute patapons, more like “rough” patapons, the music would be okay with this Rock sounding, but the rest is just hilarious. The enemyes don’t belong to this game, you can NOT interrupt your commands with any of the buttons. What does this mean:
If you press the attack command, and suddenly your enemy starts to attack, you can’t interrupt your song, just watch your patapons die…

No more minigames…nuff said.

I’m pissed.