Tekken 6 BR – Leo Combo Act.1


Some fun facts (Also you can read this on TZ):

– I made 1 combo with Leo for TCP2, and I realized that it (!!) has so much combo potential so I started to cap stuff with it.

– I had 5+ combo ideas, but I dumped them.

-Would you ever thought, that the singer in this Gorillaz track is actually a man? (The music is a parallel between Leo’s gender, and the singer’s true sexuality)

-There are more funny ways to bounce off Kuma/Panda off wall with [WS]1,4,1.

-The true inspiration of this video came from Sithlord’s “Gazing Across the Darkside”. When watching that video,I always feel that I must make another cmv.

-While capturing the last combo, I almost broke my D-pad while doing the last fff+3. Somehow I pressed the right button in a wrong way, my thumb slipped, and pushed the D-pad under the Joy’s plastic cover.


2 thoughts on “Tekken 6 BR – Leo Combo Act.1

    • Thank you, I really tried my best. Leo is an interesting character to use, sometimes I felt he/she doesn’t belong to Tekken.

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