Tekken 6 BR – Hwoarang Combo Compilation by Project [KYSG]

I had some rough time editing this video, as you can see it’s over 9 minutes, and I had to render it 2 times, due to a little mistake I made (I render = 8 hours).
I know, a 9 minutes combo video is long compared to the recent videos…that’s why I tried to use some special effects and editing techniques, so you won’t be bored after 3-4 minutes. (If you like Hwoa combos, it doesn’t matter : ) )
Again, huge thanks goes to my girlfriend,who always helps me moving forward my projects.
So here it is, my 2010-2011 Hwoarang combos remastered and recapped, I hope you will all enjoy it.

Tekken 6 BR – Lars (Rush!) in HD!

So, I’ve reached 500 subs on YouTube! Thank you all for your support, and for being great viewers. I won’t make any more combo videos in Tekken 6 BR, but if I find something interesting, I will instant post it here.

This site will go on, I will post here everything i found interesting. For those, who view this blog every day: Thank you!


I almost have 500 subscribers on YT, in return, I will have a little something for all of you, who kept watching my videos (…as a farewell video from Tekken 6 BR).

Stay tuned, only 3 subs left : )

Working On Tekken Community Project act.2

Finally I have some time for making up some combos for this Community Project. The Trailer will be out this month, so keep an eye on TekkenZaibatsu.

About my HD PVR, I re-ordered it, because the first one that Amazon sent to me was crap. Let’s hope it arrives this week.