I opened my eyes…blinked…I am reborn…but as who..? As a Victim or an Executioner?
I’m a warrior-I always was…But not the one you can imagine…I don’t fight using hands, or legs… I analyze, draw conclusions, infiltrate my own mind…trying to find something between the gain and loss… Something beyond good and evil…

I go back in time and realize things, which I wasn’t able to see earlier. Now I understand… but for them-it’s already too late. Their god, just like they themselves, forgives only those, who believe in him. I can’t see anything beyond rejection. They are driven by the rules created by some other’s retarded mind. I am evil, they are good…it’s so simple…like themselves.
Is that what you desire? Vengeance? Lake of blood is already under my feet, I stand in it, waiting for their next turn…
but remember… You can’t kill a man, that is already dead.
I’m alone…but not completely. There are those, who know what is the aim of human existence, and value it over anything else. They understand that nothing what happened through all the time, will not matter in the final calculation.
At the end of our paths, there will be no gain or loss. Good and Evil will case to exist in that moment…
everyone of us will be alone…luckily that human consciouseness will expire earlier.

From now my path starts anew. I dropped the baggage of torment and follow ideally pure existence.
My entity is nameless…
the will – unnamable…
the self – indescribable…

I go high above their hatred, and look out for atleast one friendly smile. I see them, there are thousands of them… Unfortunately-all are fake… but not that fake as they think… I just looked precisely at one of them, and noticed a lost face of unmeasurable bitterness. It’s their religions that led to this. It’s their religion that completely destroyed the real faith inside humans.
…And their gods hid in their heavens to mock humans existence from heaven’s cockpit.

Machina of life continue to move, but is it worth to be one of it’s cog? Now they’ll start to wonder if it’s worth wondering about anything. It’s true… I don’t know what is good and what is evil, but does anyone know? Have I hurt anyone? Have my actions led to someone’s suffering?

So please, stop treating me like their own, private antichrist.


Whoever tells me where did I find this really beautiful writing, will get a free cookie.



7 thoughts on “Path

      • Nah, man, you think mashter just made that shit up? He is a Ray Bradbury fan you know!!!

      • Damn really? Didn’t know that since now.

        So the one who wrote this is Ray Bradbury?

      • The excerpt just reminds me of Ray Bradbury’s work, I was just joking, I don’t actually know where mashter stole this from. lol

        And now, enough talk, where is my damn COOKIE!?!?!?!?!

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