Something NEW Is Coming…

…this time, not from me, but I’ve seen a d@mn hardcore video a few minutes ago, I can’t tell the the name of the author(s), or the character(s) he’s / they’re using.

Just get prepared for something new, and keep an eye on the blog. I’m sure you don’t want to miss this…


ComboVid & stuff

Ooookay, so…

We have a ComboVid link about the Jack vid. :)

I found some site with a link to this blog (Thanks!), now I decided we will make the same with them in the “CO-OP” section. I mean I try to collect them, if somebody misses his/her site please send a message. :)

“but where the hell have those costumes of his come from??? never seen them before!!!”

I made some of them! :D:D (wooohooo dod is happy now :3)

SRK & Avoiding The Puddle

Hey guys,

I’m here again with 2 new links about the Jack vid. :) again here.

Avoiding The article here.

Thank you!

Oh… and I also put the Guc11 thread (on Tekken Zaibatsu) link to the “Reviews” page if somebody interested… :)

Btw it’s crazy what’s happening in these days… I mean since he joined and the new video. :D

I move to Arkham. Byez.

SD again about Guc and KYSG

Wow… :)
SD Tekken is very nice with “this kid”… :D
Di_ made a post about Guc joined KYSG on 11th December. ^^
You can read here!

There’s also a thread on TZ, you can chat about/with Guc. Check it here.

Uhm… I don’t know, I think that’s all for now. :)