The 2nd Hungarian Tournament

It’s over!
Date: 2010.10.02. Doded (My girlfriend),Hoc (My best friend) and I woke up at 6:00 AM and started preparing to our trip. At 8:00 AM we picked up 2 of my other good friends, Krx and Hudzi (or Hudson :D). Our weather was a bit rainy, but there were no problem during our trip. I was driving 210 Km s, after that we reached our destination: Budapest.

The Tournament started at 13:00 PM. There were over 64 participants, the excitement was overwhealming. My first match was against a kinda beginner Zafina player, I used Lars, and my loyal HORI stick.My second match was against a Heihachi player. Nothing serious here to tell, I’ve won, and moved up. My third match was against a really (x1000) talented Italian Paul player, Minico. I talked with him a lot before our match, and realised (again), that the Hungarian thinking about Tekken is really low (no offense for anyone). Again, I used Lars, and I’ve won this round too.
My 4th match was against……Hoc. Yeah, what a luck. He used Miguel, and yet again, I used Lars. After an exhausting battle, I’ve won, but gladly Hoc could get his self back to the finals by winning in one of the losers brackets. Meanwhile, KRX had epic fights against almost everyone, and he fought his self to the finals also. Hudzi got beaten by a Lili player. Sadly, Hudzi can’t practice like us, because he doesn’t have a Ps3 system : (
So, the time of the top 16 had come. This time in big screen, First fight here was against a player, called (nicked) Jesus. He’s a solid King player. Picked Lars again, and I’ve won… At this point, we lost track of the tournament system. No ppl could tell us how the Winning / Losing method are going.. After this, I played against one of the best Tekken player of Hungary, Dragonken. He picked Gany, I picked Lars. I got beaten, badly….so round 2, I picked Marduk, and got beaten again. Because of my winning ratio, I got in to the best 8. After my match against Dragonken, there were and EPIC match between Krx and Minico. It was so exciting, I can’t even write it down. It was such a close match, but Mimico got in to the top 8. From here, the madness just became more horrendous. I played against Hoc again, I’ve won, after that I played against Dragonken, I’ve won and so on and so on….let’s skip. (almost all of the matches were epic, there will be videos about every match!!!)
So in the very finals, there were Hoc, Dragonken and Me…and after 10 hours of playing, we were all tired and stuff. First I lost against Hoc, Hoc lost against Dragonken and Dragonken lost against me. So we must start the whole thing over again : D
This time: deathmatch style. the one who wins the most, wins the tournament.

1st: Guc
2nd: Dragonken
3rd: Hoc
Hoc, Dragonken and Me
Hoc, Dragonken, Me

My prize was a Tekken 6 Bundle pack (Tekken 6 HORI arcade stick, game, art book). Since I have a stick already, I gave this to Hoc, and since Krx didn’t have Tekken 6….you know : D
After this, a really tiring home driving was up-ahead. at the time of 4:00 AM, I arrived at home, and placed my almost dead body into my bed…

Some more pics from the tournament:
Me and Minico
Me and Mimico
HocandGuc : )
Hoc, Me
Yaaay  : )
The 3 kings: Dragonken, Guc, Hoc
The 3 Kings: Dragonken, Guc, Hoc : )
With my beautiful girlfriend, Dóri (doded). Without her, I couldn’t win this tournament. (Bit blurry, sorry)

Hudzi, Hoc, Krx
Hudzi, Hoc, Krx


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