My 2 cents

Yestreday I posted about TTT2, now here is my 2 cents about it:
-I hope the game system won’t change a lot compared to Tekken 6. The bound combos are quite good, the rage system is okay, but… if team Namco want’s to put in walls in some stages, I hope they will be 5 or 10 times bigger than the stages in Tekken 6. Let the combo ranges and the stage sizes in to 5:5 ratio. Stages like Mystic Jungle or whatsoever are way too small for a combo system what’s in Tekken 6.
-Bring some oldschool characters back! I’m not crying for Kunimitsu or Jun, but Namco should really consider taking back “fun” characters like Gon or Dr.B. It would be awesome to see some more Jacks again, like in TTT (Jack-2, P Jack, Gun Jack). Just imagine, 2 or 3 robots with different styles and moves. That would be awesome. I don’t know who will be this(let’s call him:) young Heihachi, but I’m sure he will be different from the Hei we already know. Why? As we all know, the voice actor of Heihachi, Daisuke Gouri died (R.I.P). I’m sure that Namco has the respect to NOT repleace him with a new voice actor, instead they will change Heihachi in to a kinda new character, with a new voice actor. I think this makes sense at all. I would also like to see an Ogre or T.Ogre in TTT2.
-Tag combos. I hope they won’t be like in the MvC series. If the juggle system will be as mad as I think, I hope the life bar will increase, so there will be more room for comboing and stuff. Launchers like Hwoa’s Jfsr, followed by Bruce’s wall juggle followed by Hwoa’s wall juggle = insane dmg. Or let’s say, the % of the hits will change again. In Tekken 6, we have a 120%–>60%–>50%–>50%–>45%–>45% etc. juggle system, let’s say in TTT2, we go back for 100%–>75% etc etc…
-Music and stages: I would really enjoy some old stages. Any of the would be cool. Tekken 5 and Tekken 5 DR had such an epic OST, but Tekken 6 lacks good music at all. We need good OST again!!
Ground-Wall breaks are okay, I love them a lot. I hope Namco will surprise us with some new stuff in like this in TTT2.

Well, I think this is for now, maybe I will update this post if something new came in to my mind : )


2 thoughts on “My 2 cents

  1. In the trailer, there is a Ring stage. It is totally awesome!

    Oh and King+Armor King with ALL the new moves + maybe much more! OMFGKGBHELLYEAH!

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